Custom built Software?
Does your business or organisation need a custom database?
Customised software is a powerful tool to enhance your business systems.
How do I know what I need or what is the best strategy going forward?
That’s a good question, why choose custom developed software instead of “Off the shelf” software?

Basically it comes down to a few options:

1. Custom written database software written especially for you that can greatly improver your business efficiency or,

2. CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing/management) is basically a fancy name for database marketing/management. Mostly CRM products are propriety high end software adapted for individual cases. These products are often used by "call centres" where it is important to manage customer contact.

3. The third option is to stick with what you already have and try and improve the outcome.

Does the term 'Data Rich - Information Poor' apply to your business?

For cutomised software we can help you do the math's and work with you to determine the best business case for your business or organisation. An investment in a good database may initially cost more, but is an investment in your company's future.

Medium sized organisations already collecting information will have staff knowledgeable in information technology terms and product s, but for many small businesses in New Zealand having similar resources in-house is not an option.

Often businesses outgrow their technology for example spread sheets which are commonly used to record and sort business data but have difficulty retrieving information across multiple sheets*. In other words good at capturing data but not so well with sophisticated reports.

If your business or organisation is at this stage when off the shelf mass market software no longer serves your current needs - give us a call.

* A flat database means all information is kept in one source, the downside is a limitation on the amount of information you can track per record.

* A relational database can pull information from multiple databases giving greater control of information tracked.

A good design relies on the involvement of all involved particularly the people who in-put the data and ...

Looks Do Matter as Well!