Elmbrook Community Sponsorship

Elmbrook Community Support


Each year we have made a commitment to support at least one worthy cause. We do this rather than making lots of little donations to different charities.


The community support concept is simple. Rather than making piecemeal monetary donations to a range of charities and worthy causes, we concentrate our "giving" and are pro-active rather than reactive to charity demands.


This policy was implemented because our office routinely receives at least one phone call a week asking for donations for worthy charity causes.


Our pro-active policy ensures 100% of our donation goes directly to the charity. Where practicable our contribution is provided in the form of goods or services supplied at reduced rates which essentially is of greater value to the charity.


We would love to do more.


If you have a software or website project which you would like to us to consider please use our Get a Quote page (Make this a link) stating that you are an incorporated charitable organisation and the details of your project.



Our beneficiaries


speld nz

Speld NZ


Elmbrook continues to support Speld nz which has 29 member associations nationwide. The not-for-profit organisation was set up in 1971 to help children who were not realising their educational potential because of various specific learning disabilities - children who learn differently.


Speld thank you card


Money can't buy this. Wow! This is amazing feedback from the Speld Executive and Professional Standards Committee.


Speld NZ is a wonderful organisation supporting the community and one that deserves your support too. Please help Speld assist children by donating today.


The Speld Website has been designed specifically for people with learning disabilities. It incorporates font, size and colour change options to make it easier to read by some users. A text reader will read aloud any text on or added to the site.


For further information about SPELD and how they can help phone 0800 773536


Kapiti Summerfest

Kapiti Rotary Clubs Summerfest


Elmbrook is pleased to support the Kapiti Rotary Club Summerfest.




Kapiti Rotary
The Rotary Club of Kapiti Website


Elmbrook sponsors The Rotary Club of Kapiti Website. Visit our Kapiti Rotary Design feature page for more information.


Website Address: www.kapiti-rotary.org.nz

Imogens Website
The girl with the kaleidoscope eyes


A teenager with an eye to the future supported by Elmbrook.


Hey, I’m Imogen. I’m only sixteen years old and I live in Wellington New Zealand. I started up The Girl with the Kaleidoscope Eyes about a year ago on blogspot. Then I got asked to move my blog on Australian website lifelounge.com. I decided that even though a website is not what I’ll want to do once I leave school; it would be a really good way to weave my way into the fashion industry.


One day I hope to work for a magazine styling, choosing models and locations. My favourite magazines are NO., Russh, Lula, Material Girl, 10, Summer Winter and Oyster.


I am really in love with editorials and plan to establish a name in the fashion industry. I hope to gain even further access to inside stories, events and score big time interviews.




Kapiti Summerfest
2008 – Kapiti Rotary Clubs Summerfest Website


The inaugural Kapiti Rotary Summerfest held on Sunday 30 March 2008 was enjoyed by the crowd that attended, had the weather been better it would have been even a greater success. This event is expected to continue in future years as one of the largest held in the Kapiti Region.


Contributing to the overall success was the annual primary school run for fun held earlier in the day. The participating primary schools along with the Kapiti Emergency Medical Services, Life Education Trust and the Ronald McDonald House are beneficiaries from the combined event.


A wide range of over 80 stall holders registered for the Summerfest and are likely to return in future years.


Entertaining the crowd this year were many great artists such as the Beat Girls, Black Eyed Susie, Faster She said, The Renegades, Shaun Preston and even Austin Powers and Elvis.


We look forward as a sponsor, to support this festival in future years as it continues to grow and be a major event in Kapiti.