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Software To Grow Your Business Not Just Run it.
Buying products from Vendors is relatively easy, but buying intangibles such as software or innovative solutions is far from easy.
However Elmbrooks Gaming Management Software GIMS is already a proven solution and intending purchasers or partners can be shown online just how it can work for you.

Although it is designed for Groups or Trade Associations it can equally be used by individual businesses also wanting to efficiently manage Fruit Machine operations.
Over the years it has been our philosophy to build relationships, provide education and debate ideas with clients while working as partners to deliver more than just projects.
Elmbrook works hard to understand your business, your people and your vision, then utilise its flexibility in software development, graphics, accounting, e-commerce and management to deliver superior solutions of real value to clients.

Elmbrook Technologies Ltd was founded by Murray McElhinney in 1982; its name was changed from 'Holdings' to 'Technologies' in 2000 to better reflect the business role. It has people in Wellington New Zealand as well as the Kapiti Coast & Canada.
The Company is now headed by Rob Klaassen based in Kapiti.
Call now on 0800 496 828 - 0800 4YOU2US or Email Us to make your ideas a reality.