What strategy should your business adopt?
Let us explain

There are two important decisions to make at a start. These coupled with client preferences and availability of viable and economical facilities such as broadband generally determine the strategies used by developers when planning customised databases.

1. Do you want to host the software “in-house” or in the “Cloud”?

The term “In-house” means that the software is run on hardware on your premises (usually but not always a server).

Our experience in New Zealand currently tends towards keeping in-house control as utilising the cloud via the internet can incur substantial traffic costs especially for small businesses with internet connection speeds and up time having issues often outside the control of the business.

The term "Cloud" in these circumstances generally refers to businesses accessing their applications on-line and storing their files also on remote servers. Some concerns have been expressed about security with this method however reputable suppliers are likely to be as secure as in-house systems.

Hotmail, GMail and Facebook are some examples of cloud sytems in common use.

Note: There are variations relating to the term “Cloud” Graphic programs may utilise some but not all cloud aspects.

2. Do you want to use “Mainstream” or “Open Source” Software?

Elmbrook Technologies Ltd utilises Microsoft Development Software (Mainstream) as opposed to open source software to create business applications! Open source generally does not mean no cost.

Applications are software programs such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop etc.